Hodder's Heating and Air Conditioning
A full service mechanical company for all your HVAC needs!

218 2nd Street
Southampton, NJ 08088
phone (609) 268-3399
fax (609) 859-7340
e-mail Hodder@comcast.net
License #13VH03308700
Company Overview

Hodder's Heating and Air Conditoning was founded in 1988 and incorporated in 1990
by Al and Regina Hodder.  As of January 1, 2008,  the company has transferred
ownership to Al Hodder Jr., who has been with the company since inception and is
committed to the future of the company by consistently providing quality service and
We design and install HVAC systems throughout the South Jersey
Commercial/Residential communities.  
Our primary goal, as it has been since 1988, is to provide reliable and efficient
Heat/Cool/Ventialation systems for all of our customers, at an affordable price.
Hodder's is an environmentally friendly company, and carries a complete line of energy
efficient Heating and Cooling products.  We Recover and Recycle all refrigerant and
never throw away mechanical, mercury filled thermostats, instead, opting to dispose of
them at an approved drop off site.
We install and repair all major brands and can supply electric, welding and plumbing
through our network of reliable contractors.  
We also install Air Compressor, Air Drier and Air compressor piping systems for
commercial manufacturing facilities.
Who is Hodder's Heating and Air Conditoning?